You’ve made the decision to increase your wellbeing and we’re here to help you along. We warmly welcome you. Our expert staff would love to discuss your goals and how we can help you meet them. Let the wellness begin!

We specialize in life and body transformations: we dive into a day in your life and shine light on areas of opportunity and growth. We have trainers, coaches, nutritionist and massage therapists on staff that pride themselves on their education and quality of service. And if we don’t have someone on staff that you’re looking for…

Imagine calling one person that you trust and getting in touch with every other practitioner you need that maintains the same amount of integrity. That’s what Whole Approach Wellness is about. WAW isn’t just personal training, nutrition and wellness coaching: we are also a referral service in Los Angeles.
We are a family of client-centered individuals who care about the wellbeing of our patients, not their wallets. So if that means you see some of us for a few months, get to a beautiful place of health and wellbeing and are ready to go off on your own: GREAT!
That’s the goal.
To get you feeling, moving, living well and send you off to carpe the heck out of the diem!

We don’t get paid to refer people, we simply want patients to be treated correctly and effectively without forcing unnecessary pharmaceuticals or bankruptcy. We’ve done the research to find good humans. Good humans that want to do good for humans.

Dana Andrews is hands down the best!!! I had never worked out in a gym before but wanted to become strong. Dana is extremely friendly and easy to talk to- I started working with her and made her aware of what I wanted out of personal training and she was really able to put herself in my shoes as she does with all her clients and create a personalized approach to my wellness plan.

Dana helped me transform from being shy, insecure, weak and afraid to move in front of people into a confident, strong female who now enjoys working out and lifting heavy and doesn’t care who is watching!

Dana helped me with my nutrition teaching me what I needed to eat in order to become stronger and feel better. She also taught me how I could still incorporate the foods I love aka my guilty pleasures in a healthy way!! #win

I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without Dana not only with my fitness but in my life. She helped me create confidence and feel good about myself in all aspects! She also tells awesome cheesy jokes that will put a smile on any ones face!!

Ashley N.

Dana saved my ankle!! I had a huge, debilitating, hyper pronation issue with my ankle for over a year that caused my body to utilize my muscles only on the left side when working out. Even when I ran or did abs, I’d only feel the muscles working on the left side of my body, it was so unsettling. After a lack of results after seeing array of physical therapists and doctors, I was starting to become hopeless about whether or not I’d be able to run safely or even stand properly without some sort of surgery. I one day spoke to Dana about my issue and she told me about a very holistic way to restore proper function in my ankle while lessening its vulnerability for injury. She gave me an exercise regimen to improve not only my ankle stability, but restore muscular balance to my whole body. She is extremely intelligent and thoroughly taught me about my condition and what preventative and stabilizing practices I should adopt and they worked fast! I was impressed! Dana cares so much about her clients and she’s so fun! I honestly did not expect to benefit more from a trainer over a doctor, but results clearly speak for themselves. Someone like her makes you have a new respect and different perspective for the field. She’s the real deal! I love her so much! My body now feels drastically more healthy and stable. I can finally run and do abs again to the point where I feel the effects of the exercise in my right side too! It’s such a relief. I am eternally grateful 🙂

Sayuri I.

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