Personal Training: necessity or luxury? 

It seems like everyone has a personal trainer these days, almost bragging about it. Are we bragging because we can afford it? Or because it’s working?

Probably both.

In days of horrendous daily ergonomics, the States’ obesity epidemic and movement starvation, this makes trainers more of a need than a flashy new phone with a sparkly case.

As a nation, we are in chronic pain, stressed and malnourished. If you knew one person could alleviate all of that and teach you how to maintain it through the rest of your existence, would you still try and fix it all yourself?

So who should have a trainer? 

If you want to increase performance, get a trainer. If you need the accountability, get a trainer. If you’re bored with your workout, if you’ve got joint pain, just finished physical therapy, had a baby, or have a big goal… get a trainer.

Yes, I’m biased. Because, science.

If Kobe has one, and he’s that good already, why wouldn’t we all get one?

It makes me giggle when people say “Oh, I’m an athlete so I know what I’m doing”.

Athletes have coaches, man! You have no idea what your scapula is doing when you’re trying that slap shot.

And in my personal experience, the coaches that we had growing up didn’t have the education that we have today. And they sure didn’t care as much about your 40 year old body as much as they did sacking the QB before the other team made another down.

So give science a chance: check with a trainer (one that’s continuing their education) on whether or not your routine still stands effective in today’s array of knowledge.

Well, who doesn’t need a coach? 

If you are a creature of habit and your routine is working for you, no need for a trainer. If you’re happy with your body and only maintaining your current state, by all means, keep going. If you have no injuries, no pain and can spice up your routine by looking up the newest thing and have a knack for great form – by golly,  you just keep on doing that!

Sounds like almost everyone needs a trainer.. 

Well, yeah. Even if it’s only for a few sessions to check your form, routine and current knowledge base – it’s a great idea to consult a professional.

If you have pain, are fresh off of an injury/operation, or have a big goal – expect to invest more time with a coach to get you back on track and climbing mountains.

Personally, I have a trainer because I give my time away. I know what I need to do, but I need someone else to hold me accountable – so that I make time for me. 

I don’t believe having a coach has to last forever. Sometimes it’s a kickstart, other times is a kick in the pants. Either way, it’s an investment in your health. What you do with the knowledge afterward is the most important. 

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