How do I know what I need?

You don’t have to. We will ask the right questions to find out. For example, how much accountability helps you accomplish your goals? Do you currently have a consistent exercise routine? Why is it important to reach your goals and who will be affected if you do? How often do you cook yourself meals during the week? Who are your greatest influencers in life?

How does online coaching work?

Online coaching requires that you have internet access and preferably a way to partake in video sessions. This can be anything from Facetime on an iPhone, Skype, Zoom or a webcam built into your computer. Nutrition coaching does not require video chat, however, personal training sessions definitely do! We’ve gotta see how ya move!

What if I’m a beginner?

That’s great! We work with all levels and ages. Our coaches meet you right where you are in your fitness level, your mindset and your goals. Your program will be tailored specifically to you.

Are you guys experienced?

Oh yes. Each of our coaches has at least ten years in the world of sports, fitness and wellness. We only hire individuals that have gone through a journey of their own, take pride in the quality of their expertise and continue to acquire education and personal development.

Is there a way to “test drive” a coach before I buy a package of training?

Absolutely. The initial session is an assessment composed of baseline measurements, movements and questions. Then we apply the information gathered about you and create a science-based, unique program that is specific to your needs and goals. The second session is a physical training hour.

We offer both of these sessions on us! We do this because we believe that making the right connection is the most impactful. No one coach is for every person. We strive to find the most suitable trainer for you. If after the first consultation, you know in your gut that the coach isn’t quite the right fit, let us know! We will be happy to set you up with someone else.