Where To Start

We know what it feels like to try the new thing, to yo-yo in numbers, to restrict then binge then remorse and repeat… Good news: you never have to do that again!

Giving people the power of choice is our favorite thing to do. Now is the time to choose YOU.

Each person we’ve met needs a different level of accountability. We walk you through your options to find out what best suits your lifestyle, mindset and goals.

Sometimes, the first try needs an adjustment down the road. Or we plan to switch things up a bit to keep us making progress.

As we go, we find out what works and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that the word “diet” is a four letter word around here. There’s no punishment or guilt involved.

We want to guide you toward feeling your absolute best – about being you!

Stay The Course

The approach to nutrition is just as unique as the consumer. Each plan is designed specifically to your tastes, lifestyle, environment and thought patterns. It can be as disciplined or forgiving as you need.

The idea is to create a healthy relationship with food first. Then we customize the strategies we use to build new habits and reach your ideal physique. Then… you’ve made something maintainable!

Nutrition coaching doesn’t have to last forever. We will teach you how YOU best operate and how to be happy with food again. There are a few ways to do it.

Pick Your Portion

If you’d like work one-on-one continuously with a coach for personal coaching

Get started and make contact!


If you’d like to learn about an online platform with daily accountability that you can manage more on your own…

Check out Pro Coach

You’ll receive an email every day with a new technique, perspective or action to take to create PERMANENT change in your diet and lifestyle. We’ve seen great success with our clients through the Precision Nutrition ProCoach curriculum.