Michael Seibold

Born and raised in Santa Monica, Michael got his education in training early in life, both his mother and her significant other are personal trainers.  At a young age he was taken to Gold’s Gym in Venice (better known as the Mecca) and it was here that he was introduced to well known Body Builders and the work needed to reach fitness goals.  He put that work ethic to use, earning a reputation at Santa Monica High School for not only hard work but strength as he shattered lifting records and power as he tackled on the football field.

At the age of 18 Michael blew out his knee during a football game causing him to lose his D1 scholarship and darkened his dream of playing professional football.  Instead of giving up, Michael started rehabbing himself.  He spent the next four years making his body stronger and faster earning not only a spot on West LA college football team but eventually a scholarship to Pace University.

After a tear in his biceps brachii at Pace, the window for professional football officially closed.  Michael returned home with a passion for learning the human body, how to stretch it, rehab it, make it stronger and faster.  After seeing flaws in other’s training programs, Michael decided to become a personal trainer earning his ISSA personal training certification and returned to Golds.  It was here he was recruited to be a trainer at Equinox West LA.

At Equinox Michael learned more in depth science and application of program design.  He rose quickly to a top tier trainer and built a solid business.

Michael specializes in individualization: designing programs for his clients to effectively and safely reach his/her goals.  Expertise in nutrition, sports specific training, strength gain, injury prevention and weight loss.

His certifications include: ISSA – CPT, Kettlebells, ViPR, Sports and Agility Training and Precision Nutrition.

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