Ashley N.

Dana Andrews is hands down the best!!! I had never worked out in a gym before but wanted to become strong. Dana is extremely friendly and easy to talk to- I started working with her and made her aware of what I wanted out of personal training and she was really able to put herself in my shoes as she does with all her clients and create a personalized approach to my wellness plan.

Dana helped me transform from being shy, insecure, weak and afraid to move in front of people into a confident, strong female who now enjoys working out and lifting heavy and doesn’t care who is watching!

Dana helped me with my nutrition teaching me what I needed to eat in order to become stronger and feel better. She also taught me how I could still incorporate the foods I love aka my guilty pleasures in a healthy way!! #win

I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without Dana not only with my fitness but in my life. She helped me create confidence and feel good about myself in all aspects! She also tells awesome cheesy jokes that will put a smile on any ones face!!