Meet Dana – the founder

Dana Andrews was raised in Augusta, Georgia and spent a few years in Columbia, SC before coming to California. Once she found Los Angeles, she knew this was the place that would change her. Now, with her fifteen years in the fitness world, she hopes to change more than just herself.

Dana’s love of performing and being active started at a young age with music, dance, gymnastics and cheerleading. (Remember when exercise was called “playing”?) Those fun activities drove her to get a group fitness certification, then to Zumba, then to personal training. She trained with the best at Equinox for several years and was promoted into management. While managing, she was blessed to train each coach toward their highest potential and along the way, the team she was a part of became the top location in the world. Through the training and education of personal trainers, she learned a tremendous amount and she knows her growth will not stop there.

Currently, Dana is still certified in Personal Training through NASM, Pre/post Natal Exercise, RKC Kettle Bell L1, Precision Nutrition L1 and is pursuing her MA in Psychology. She’s studied with graduates of the Postural Restoration Institute, NeuroKinetic Therapy practitioners and Fascial Stretch Therapists among many other practices and countless education hours.

But she can’t do it all: that’s where Whole Approach Wellness came in.

Not everyone wants to be a chiropractor, massage therapist or acupuncturist. It’s more likely that we need those kinds of people in our lives. So, Dana, seeing the need and having done the research for her own needs, wanted to share the incredible people she found.

Who has helped you in your journey that you appreciate? We would love to meet them!